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It is necessary for ANFR (national frequency agency) to determine that they are a source of interference. I'm not sure that any company can be involved with ANFR in every WiFi glitch to see if it's a source of interference... The exhibitors clearly want to protect themselves from the WiFi signal jammer emitted by their environment. There may be fewer intrusions, rather than competing for everyone, to prevent someone from actually giving up on their own environment... "In the show, two things are critical, the wireless network and the phone"... If this is really a key point, it might be necessary to put all the opportunities around him, especially with the latest innovations in WiFi... It has been recalled that disruption of free frequencies is prohibited by law. Therefore, it is necessary to implement means to ensure and control its radio environment... Closing your eyes doesn't seem to be a major option. A better example of using CleanAir! And for the Paris air show and more! Cisco CleanAir is cisco's latest innovation in the management of radio environments. It allows detection of interference and interference, reconfiguration of WiFi to avoid interference and reassembly of security alerts. Don't ask for ANFR for CleanAir? I don't know. However, if you think you can use more "critical" wireless Internet connections, you don't know how to enjoy the game ANFR. https://www.jammer-buy.com/professional-GPS-signal-scrambler.html
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