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All About Beauty Salon to make you beautiful

  • May 15

    Everyone wants to look beautiful. This desire of becoming beautiful can be fulfilled with SA beauty Professional Salon in Dubai. Various types of beauty parlour services like facial, manicure, hair styling, waxing, eyelash etc we provide. It’s not only a beauty parlour but combination of salon and spa.

    Our Services

    Parlour at home:  In this busy life sometimes females don’t have enough time to come to parlour and get different services. No need to worry as we provide parlour at home service in which our trained and professional staff will come at your place and whatever services you want they will give. It saves your time as you don’t need to waste your time in going and coming to parlour. It is like in home salon. We are sure our services will be better than your nearby salon at a very affordable price.


    Beauty Parlour Services: Variety of services we offer ranging from tip of head to toe of your leg .Hair styling, hair coloring, facial, waxing, manicure, pedicure, body massage, body spa, hair spa and many more. Whenever you think of salon nearby your home our salon will be on top list.

    Now let’s discuss about different services:

    Facial removes tanning and other skin impurities from your face. It increases the glow of skin. Wide varieties of facials are available like gold, fruit, diamond, bio-lift etc of different popular brands which are of high quality.

    Manicure increases beauty of hand. Fingers of nails should be beautiful and need to be take care regularly.  In this your hands are cleaned and then proper massage is done. In last nails are trimmed and then nail polish is applied on your nails. Our beauty salon is always there for your services.

    Pedicure: Pedicure is designed for taking care for your foot. Proper massage and cleaning is done of your feet.

    Hair services: Hair salon section is part of our beauty parlour in which services regarding hair is provided. In this section hair cut, straightning, rebonding of hairs, coloring, hair spa and many other services are done. High quality products are used for hairs. We ensure that you get best services. Fashion changes regularly and we make sure our professional staff should be trained according to latest fashion.

    Waxing: Various options under waxing are available ranging from full body, hands, legs etc.

    Body Spa: It is one of the special services provided by our beauty salon at very exciting cost.

    SAbeauti Professional Ladies Salon in Dubai is best beauty parlour. We work on this mantra that customer satisfaction is our topmost priority. We have trained staff which are dedicated towards their services. Ambience of our beauty salon is very hygienic and comfortable. When you will step in our beauty parlour you will feel relaxed with magnificent aroma. Best quality products we use. We don’t compromise with the quality of products. Anyone who comes for first time becomes permanent client because our services are best at a very affordable cost.

    Come and join us for creating magic in your personality and get compliments and appreciation from others.