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  • May 14

    Are you looking for a mortgage? Consult a mortgage advisor before going to the bank

    Anyone who is currently interested in buying a home and does not have enough money to buy it in cash knows that he faces the tedious task of hiring a mortgage loan. We recommend visiting a mortgage advisor before going to banks, as it is the optimal way to get the best European self cert mortgages.

    The first thing we do is visit the director of our branch, to tell him our intentions and tell us the offer that the bank can give us. Additionally, we enter the Internet to find the best deals from banks and ask friends to find the best mortgage in the market. However, this is not the proper order to Buy to let self cert mortgage.

    The ideal thing is to first consult a mortgage advisor, if possible, for free. Normally it is not done, either due to ignorance of its existence or the help it can give us or because we think that its true interests will be out of line with ours. Something totally wrong


    The economic reasons

    Although this statement may seem interested, let me explain why I believe that, always thinking from the client's side, it is a reality and a benefit:

    - The advisors have agreements with many banks , we know perfectly what banks are giving mortgages, under what conditions, and to what profiles of clients: if you are self-employed, immigrant, if you have an excellent profile ... we know and we can find the best mortgage for your profile because it is our job and we have all the information updated

    - If first we go hand in hand with the mortgage advisor we will have access to cheaper mortgages than if we go on our own. The reason is simple: the advisors that hire more volume of mortgages with the banks have special agreements with several entities to obtain more reductions than those that a normal consumer can obtain in a branch by your account, even if it is your own branch. We are talking about thousands of Euros of savings throughout the life of the mortgage

    Tips for looking for a mortgage advisor

    The mortgage advisers are must be regulated and registered by the National Consumer Institute, and must be completely transparent in the communication of their services and the fees that may apply. It is worthwhile to use them, since most of them commit themselves with clients to collect their fees only if they obtain the mortgage that we are looking for and we sign it

    In other words, if they advise us and look for several mortgages, but finally we find a better one on our own, they should not charge us anything - and this should be sent to us in writing - so it is a service that is worth taking from the because we do not lose anything and we will only win. So before hiring mortgage advisor makes sure he is trustable.

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