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When it comes to classic wow gold

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    June 30

    One of your main issues when it comes to classic wow gold community is that you are on Draenor. It's one of the biggest EU realms and as a result it is a huge cesspool of crap with very little good things to say of it in general. I used to play on Draenor, then moved down to Magtheridon and it's a whole lot better even though Magtheridon is still a dreadful realm. Afterwards, I moved again to a few of the smallest lands in EU and it's so much different here. Many would say the realm feels dead and honestly, they are incorrect, but the feeling of neighborhood is definitely there.

    If someone comes in and asks for a guild, literally everybody is able to tell you what guilds are great for what kind of player. There's always someone helping someone on commerce chat and there's just generally a very good atmosphere here in contrast to larger realms.

    I wholeheartedly suggest that you have a jab at some other realms and find out how they feel in contrast, because I can almost guarantee you that most realms will probably be better than Draenor. You may use something like this website to roughly gauge the realm size.

    This is highly wrong because it only takes into account a part of the playerbase on any particular kingdom, but it is going to give you an idea on what's a large and what is a little kingdom. In buy wow classic gold addition to that, RP realms, barring Argent Dawn, are in my experience usually more favorable than non-RP realms.

    I truly appreciate this comment, thank you. Taking a look. I'd much prefer a smaller pop and better experience to a massive pop and bad experience. I am unsure how it's in EU since im in NA but the RP and RPvP realms tend to have far better communities, even in the event that you don't intend on RPing.