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Requesting wow classic gold for sale players

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    June 23

    Blizzard's development team has continued to utilize Twitch as a platform to inform fans about its plans for the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion. And gold wow classic lead dev, Ion Hazzikostas, took questions from Cinderys and French streamers Zoltan. Among other things, Hazzikostas said that we shouldn't believe everything we see from information miners and reaffirmed that the expansion will come out.

    Regardless of Hazzikostas told viewers that the company is still planning to launch Shadowlands. Although there was an adjustment period of about a week for the development group, working from home is viable enough to allow them to maintain their deadline for WOW Classic. Meanwhile, as data-mining websites like continue to locate character models and appearances for the upcoming expansion, Hazzikostas warned fans that not everything that they see from data mining will probably be in WOW Classic.

    He explained that a number of the character customization choices, such as blood elves with eyes, are merely part of a template which the programmers use to produce characters and won't be in WOW Classic. This is especially notable due to recent character models which were data mined before in the month showing traditionally light-skinned races, like blood elves, with black skin--something that does not necessarily follow the standard lore of WoW.

    Additionally, Cinderys requested about some news. After questionnaires surfaced earlier this month requesting wow classic gold for sale players for their opinions on a WOW Classic version of The Burning Crusade, the streamer was curious to know if Blizzard had anything it might confirm about a possible proliferation of legacy content.