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Corrupted turning all CASTs on meseta pso2

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    June 9

    She is eventually corrupted turning all CASTs on meseta pso2 her community mad, and must be destroyed to stop her corruption from spreading and wiping out everything. Also, it is not just her fault, but there's a similar satellite-collision episode in PSU's plot - the colony the PSU equal of ARKS is stationed on orbits Parum, and is sabotaged badly enough that its orbit begins decaying and the residential sector needs to be gleaned from the rest of the ship, leading to the remainder of the channel crashing to Parum - it doesn't destroy it, but it wipes out a city, also leaves a massive crater and uninhabitable area around the crash website.

    The Mother in PSO2 is an artifical creation of this Photoners (and the Photoners are like some thematic ways to what is seen of this PSII Earthmen, IE arrogant and selfish) that oversees Earth, and throughout the course of EP4's story she's corrupted by Dark Falz/Profound Darkness.

    This Mother is redeemed, but killed by EP4's real antagonist not long afterwards. Before it can, her remains try to destroy Earth and end up being fully corrupted by DF/PD, but are ultimately destroyed. And all the various versions of Mother throughout the show share a lemotif, that being"The Position of Death", the theme that has been used during her boss struggle in her very first appearance at PSII.

    Each buy PSO2 Meseta game matches. The four classics PS 1-4 are interrelated, but the events there do not affect the events in PSO2. PSO2 makes lots of references together with occasional look of characters of these games. However, these characters have a tendency to have no significant part in the game's narrative (generally events), or remain as reference only (viewed in episode 5).