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    Spice Up Thanksgiving With A Bus Tour To The Grand Canyon From Las Vegas Travel Articles | November 26 Lavonte David Hoodie , 2015


    Vegas is the best place by which to visit Grand Canyon National Park this Thanksgiving holiday. Visit West RimSkywalk or the South Rim. And be sure to reserve as early as you can as seats usually sell out early.



    As you know, there's no shortage of fun things to do in Vegas. It's also the most popular place from where you can set off on a Grand Canyon bus adventure. You can take a tour any time of year, so if you want to make this Thanksgiving break special, why not take a trip to Vegas and include a canyon tour?

    There are tours that go to both the West Rim and the South Rim. Vegas is closest to the West Rim, and it is only a 2 12 hour bus ride away. If you want to see the South Rim from Arizona, there will be a slightly longer bus ride of about 5.5 hours. The tours are all-inclusive Gerald McCoy Hoodie , so all fees and taxes are included in the price you pay, and you'll even get lunch.

    Touring The West Rim Of The Canyon

    Since the West Rim is closer to Vegas, it is the most popular destination, and because of that, there are plenty of fun activities to be found there. The West Rim Is actually part of the Hualapai Indian Reservation. Because of that, the Hualapai have a presence at the rim Mike Evans Hoodie , and they administer some of the attractions.

    The most well known attraction at the West Rim is the Skywalk. It is a huge structure made of glass that juts out 70 feet past the edge of the rim and hangs over the canyon. You can see right down through the platform, to the Canyon and river that is 4000ft below.

    The time you spend riding to the Canyon isn't wasted, since you'll see all kinds of scenic views along the way, and you'll even have a quick stopover at the Hoover Dam. In the park, you'll have about three hours to enjoy the sights, and you can do some fun activities such as taking a helicopter ride down to the bottom of the Canyon to see the river up close.

    South Rim Bus Tours

    Although there aren't as many options at the South Rim Jameis Winston Hoodie , there is just as much to see. Your bus tour can also be upgraded to include a helicopter flight so you can see all the beauty from the air. One of the helicopter tours lasts 30 minutes and flies to the North Rim, and another tour lasts 50 minutes and flies to the North Rim as well as the eastern border of the park. The South Rim is home to many famous landmarks, including Dragoon Corridor, which is the deepest and widest part of the Canyon. The helicopter tours fly right over the Corridor, so you'll have a fantastic view. In addition, your South Rim tour bus will make a quick stopover at Hoover Dam on the way from Vegas to the Canyon.

    Deluxe Tour Upgrades

    The basic bus tours carry around 40 passengers each trip Matt Gay Hoodie , but there is a deluxe option you can choose instead. These smaller touring vehicles seat only 12 passengers, but offer more comfort, and a more personal touring experience.

    Booking Online For The Best Deal

    Booking online is not only convenient, but it will also allow for you to take advantage of the best tour deals. The online prices are more affordable because you buy directly from the tour operator and bypass the travel agent's commission. Just buy your tour online with your credit card, and you'll lock in your seat reservations and low price. That being said, tours are incredibly popular Anthony Nelson Hoodie , so you will need to book early to ensure that you won't be disappointed on Thanksgiving. Ideally, you should book two weeks in advance.

    To Conclude

    A Thanksgiving tour will make this holiday one to remember. You'll have a lot of choices when you select your tour, such as picking the rim, and opting for a deluxe or standard tour. Remember, you'll find the best price online, and you can book your seats with a credit card and lock in your tour Mike Edwards Hoodie , just do it as soon as possible. Your tour of the Canyon is sure to be one you'll remember, and going by bus makes the tour affordable and leisurely, so you can enjoy every minute.

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