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    >Scholarships for students in India

    Posted by buddy4study on September 11th Gustav Forsling Youth Jersey , 2018


    The Indian Union has always paid careful heed to the needs of socially disadvantaged groups. One of India’s key commitments in its constitution is to the concept of secularism. The term ‘secular’ implies that India doesn’t have a state religion and all religions are equal before law. The constitution enshrines the concept through various rights granted to minorities in India. In addition, through various schemes by the Ministry of Minority Affairs, and the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, many concerns of the minorities like health and education are addressed.


    Minority Scholarships are also part of such schemes and measures by the government of India towards minority groups. Through minorities scholarships, the aim is to reduce the number of dropouts due to non-availability of funds to pursue education. There are many minority scholarships in India, but the difficult part remains trying to find a minority scholarship owing to limited access to information about them. Minority students find it difficult to gather all the required information and this leads to them missing out on something or the other while filling the application form.




    There are many excellent websites set up by the government which carry useful information like the website for the Ministry of Minority Affairs (MoMA) John Hayden Youth Jersey , or the MHRD. The National Scholarship Portal (NSP) is another excellent resource. The National Scholarship Portal carries information about all the government scholarships in India. But often enough, the information that these sites carry isn’t easy to decipher for students. Especially for students or their parents who come from notified minority communities, there are multiple challenges to their access to scholarships.


    Buddy4Study is an excellent scholarship portal that features a simple and easy to understand platform for students from all backgrounds. Once a student registers on the website, all they need to do is fill their details to complete their profile, and voila, the system searches through thousands of available scholarships to find the individualized matches.


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