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Activate Pbs Using in 3 Simple Steps

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    August 14, 2019 5:27 AM PDT

    1.Open The Pbs Application On Your Device

    Once You open the pbs application on your device. It will give you a 6 digit apphanumeric code that you need to enter on the pbs website. Once you get your pbs code make a note of it and then go to your computer to activate it.
    2. Go to

    Open your browser and in the address bar type You will be navigated to a web page which will ask you for the 6 digit pbs code. Here, Enter the code that you previously made a note of and click on continue.
    3.Follow On Screen Instructions To Activate Pbs

    After You have entered the 6 digit code on the pbs webpage, It should activate your device for pbs subscription.If there is an error involved in the activation process, Please follow the onscreen instructions to fix it.