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held by wow classic gold your argument

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    July 12, 2019 1:01 AM PDT

    For one you never mentioned purchasing the material as an accessibility for casuals. Two you can try to insult me if you wish but that reveals how little weight is held by wow classic gold your argument.

    And three yes which has been part of this fun and is today there is a multitude of individuals who farm gold and use the AH to get into material because its easier to do and less time consuming. Ontop of that how is it more fun to be forced to stick to a group raid program for a game thats already figured out and have guild leaders breath down your neck over things they're likely to master loot from you when you may just buy those items and then go in the raid and not worry about becoming ninja .

    If you truly believe gold farmers are gunna be a problem too thats fine but evidence shows Blizzard cracks them down hard enough to dissuade that. So far your argument is the only solution would be to wow classic gold buy race through everything and that each form of content is dull. Which is wrong and also you are just quoting what the video said on the group quests which I never mentioned with your examples. Congratulations on having no valid points of controversy as to casuals would have significantly less fun.


    You did not speak about paying no need to gold for raids as a viable option. I can see your original message and the only mention of people even farming gold is that this"Good gear takes playtime, and in general non fun playtime(farm the same dungeon repeatedly, farm occupation stuff or just pure gold to buy stuff)."