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Even though the NFL has national cover

  • June 18, 2019 2:06 AM PDT
    Even though the NFL has national coverage and is viewed by millions of people Richaun Holmes Jersey ,

    college football is just as, or even more widespread than the NFL. However, the

    rules and regulations that come with college football are completely different than

    those that the NFL has. For this reason it is important for sports bettors to

    understand the rules that come with betting on college football. There are also

    several basic aspects of college football betting that everyone should know about,

    such as knowing the game Moses Malone Jersey , as well as maintaining a good bankroll.

    College Football Differences

    There are many differences that make college football a different game altogether,

    but still making it as, or even more, competitive than the NFL. There are four main

    differences Maurice Cheeks Jersey , along with other differences that are not as noticeable; clock

    management, pass reception, knee-downs, and tie-breakers.

    Clock Management

    In college football Markelle Fultz Jersey , the clock is managed completely different than it is in pro-

    football. Every time one team or the other gets a first down, the clock is stopped.

    The reason for this is so that the measurement crews have enough time to reset the

    chains. In pro-football, however, the clock is not stopped for a first down; there

    may be other factors that may make the clock stop but it is not due to a first


    Pass Reception

    In college football Landry Shamet Jersey , in order for a receiver to have a complete reception of a

    pass, they have to have control of the ball, and have at least one foot on the

    ground; this rule applies when the receiver is catching the ball and he may go out

    of bounds. In pro-football, the player has to have both feet on the ground in order

    for it to be a catch. As a result Julius Erving Jersey , this allows for longer and wider passes in

    college football.

    Knee Downs

    This has been a very amusing difference between college and pro football. In

    college football, the play is done once the player’s knee that has possession of

    the ball touches the ground. However, in pro football the play is still live, even

    if the player’s knee has touched the ground Jerryd Bayless Jersey , until one of the opposing players

    touches them. This has made college football much faster paced and competitive.

    Tie Breakers

    In college football, ties are determined by whichever team gets the most points

    after their possession. Each team gets the ball on their opponent’s 25 yard line,

    with 1st and Ten. At the end of both possessions, the team with the most points

    wins. However Darryl Dawkins Jersey , in case they are still tied, this process continues until a winner

    is determined. In pro football, the tie is determined by sudden death, where one

    team gets possession first; possession is determined by a coin flip. College

    football breaks ties in this manner because it seems to equal out the chances each

    team gets at winning.

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