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Blonde Hair Wigs At Hairsmarket

  • May 29, 2019 2:43 AM PDT

    Playing with different hair styles can sometimes be scary, but it is always exciting. One of the perks of having hair is being able to style it differently all the time, whether it's going from straight to curly, lusciously long to sophisticatedly short or from a mysterious dark tone to a more youthful lighter one. Big changes are often taken with some apprehension and doubts, which is why sampling styles with hair pieces first is always advisable. For example, if you have darker hair, blonde wigs are advised to be worn for a short time before making the change.


    If you are interested in blonde wigs, knowing the nature of the hair before going into anything is essential. One of the big decisions to be made when purchasing a hair piece is whether to go for human or synthetic hair. Human hair is, without a doubt of a much higher quality than synthetic as it can be worn and styled in any way - it can be colour and chemical treated without being ruined, whereas man-made fibres are not compatible with any heat styling tools or other hair products.


    Once the decision over using human or synthetic hair has been made, the choice of how the piece has been produced arises. Blonde 613 wigs, like all others, can be made using a wide variety of different methods, for example, sewing, knotting or hair injection. The two best methods that produce the most natural finishes are individual hand knotting or hair injection; individual hand knotting is pretty self-explanatory, using extremely skilled and time consuming hand labour, the hairs are sewn one strand at a time on to the base in a single, tight knot so that maximum movement is allowed once the piece is complete. Hair injection is slightly more complicated - when a thin layer of material such as polyurethane (or a similar fibre that can be used as a base of the wig) has been moulded based around the wearers head shape, the strands of hair from either brown or blonde wigs are inserted through. Once this has happened, the hairs and the original base are covered in a liquid layer of polyurethane (or, as mentioned, a similar material) - trapping them and again allowing optimum flexibility in the outcome.


    Blonde human hair wigs are very popular as going lighter, whether it is a fully fledged head of hair or half head of highlights is a very youthful and modern look


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