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  • April 23, 2019 12:13 AM PDT

    before using the screws and place them evenly along the track. When placing the screws make sure to only go far enough to have the floor operate without striking the screws. At the same time make sure that you leave them out far enough so that the track cannot be lifted. 4) Set up the swinging hinge floor jamb bar to the interior rail of the sliding floor.

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    Install the saddle in the interior of the patio floor frame. Make sure to align the saddle to the end of the jamb bar in order for it to rest properly in the saddle. Once more use a drill bit to drive a hole prior to screwing anything in. 5) Finally install the keyed interior patio floor lock at the bottom of the interior track to add even more security. This part is only

    for extra reinforcement of course, the jamb bar will already protect your home very well. I reiterate, use a drill bit to drive a hole before using a screw to fasten the floor lock. So there you have it, five simple yet effective steps to securing your patio floor with little effort. As the years come and go something might change, obviously you want to stay ahead

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