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    April 1, 2019 2:21 AM PDT

    Steps to Prevent Computer Virus:

    Antivirus Software:

    This should be the first and most essential needs to be taken to avoid and to eliminate malware from the pc. There are various different anti-virus manufacturers out there to select from.


    Not just establishing the anti-virus program on the pc will fix the issue but it should be regularly modified with the newest malware definitions. The laptop computer or computer should be scanned regularly using the anti-virus program.


    Most program nowadays have an inbuilt scheduler which enables the applying to look at pc automatically at a set date and time.


    Data Backup and Recovery:

    One should always back up the facts including pictures, videos, records, etc on an difficult generate drive every now and then. Similarly, windows recovery disc would help you to recover it back to its factory configurations. Alternatively, creating system restore points will make sure that if something happens to the pc. You always will have an choice to restore it back to a previous date.


    Update your OS/Software Regularly:

    Running obsolete program and not improving the os regularly can provide the conditions just favorable for malware to fight your pc. If you are working Microsoft windows centered pc. Make sure to run the up-dates regularly and also the applying that you should use the newest edition.



    Sometimes even with the best home security techniques system set up. Your laptop computer or computer will still get contaminated. This is because the malware are made first and their cure comes out later. Also, there are so many new malware being generated by the individuals that make it difficult sometimes for your security program to catch it. So, in that position, you just need to be careful while working on computer techniques. For instance, you might get a concept from an unknown sender with a strange attachment.



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