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some plants and colorful flowers

  • March 18, 2019 11:03 PM PDT

    designing your inside or outside garden you just have to follow some basics. In this article I will tell you some principles and basics which you must follow before designing your garden. The answer to the question how to design a garden is planning. Every new thing begins with planning. You have to

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    plan your indoor or outdoor garden considering some important aspects of gardening. The things you must consider before designing your garden are as follows: SPACE: The most important thing to consider is space. It not necessary that you will have a large space available inside or outside your house

    to work on. You must plan your garden according to the availability of the space. PLANTS: Next important thing to consider is the types of plants you want to choose for your garden. The first thing which comes under consideration before choosing the types of plants for your garden is the climate of

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