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Tips for Maintenance of your Cannon Printer

  • February 13, 2019 12:44 PM PST

    Maintenance of any device or machine not only enhances its life but increase its productive also. It a must do activity for all kind of equipment, just like that cannon printer also need maintenance so that it can work smoothly. Occasional clogging of ink of Inkjet printers can cause the loss in quality.

    The process of maintenance is quite easy. Anyone can upgrade the quality of this printer using some easy steps. It is a bit different from OS to OS. Here some smooth steps are given so that you can enrich you printer’s productivity.

    Steps for Window 7, Vista & XP operating system

    • Start your computer and your printer and make sure that both are working properly.
    • Use a little amount of ink to clean the Printing Head of your printer.
    • Check that your cartridge should have a sufficient amount of it.
    • (Flashing LED with an ink drop icon can help you to know the exact amount of ink).
    • Go to the “Start” menu present at the left corner of the display....

    For further process

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