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What is a reasonable cost for outdoor pest control?

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    January 18, 2019 2:16 AM PST

    When pests attack your home you look for professional pest control service provider but, there are few who prefer DIY pest control because they think they can't afford pest control charges. Well, professional pest control charge are not too high, they charge you the genuine rates when you will see their efforts you will come to know yourself. Professional pest control charges starts from INR Rs 600 and goes up to thousands depending on the requirements of the clients.

    Charges for outdoor pest control may vary from company to company. There are many things that affects the service providers' charges, the size of the infested area and the type of the pest control also the method you are choosing for pest control. All these will affect pest control charges. Suppose you want pest control for your commercial space then, charges start from Rs1/sq.ft. When  you are doing outdoor pest control then, the pest control charges will be depending on the size of your outdoor area.

    Apart from the area of the infestation the type of the pest control also affects pest control charges. Suppose you want termite control then, this will cost you from INR 1200 to 9000 for 1BHK-5BHK property. Mosquito control will be costing from Rs 1700 – 2500, Birds spikes Rs 120/sq.ft., Ants control charges will be approx. Rs 700 n- 1200, etc. for other types of pest control.

    Well these are just an approximate rates and charges of pest control services in Delhi/NCR, the charges may vary from company to company. If you want to know the actual cost of outdoor pest control then, you need to get quotes from a pest control company. After inspecting your home the company can provide you quotation that will include the pest control method will be used by the exterminator and the price or charges the procedure will cost you.

    So, to know the charges of outdoor pest control you should contact at least two or three reliable pest control companies in Delhi/NCR. This way you will be able to compare pest control service charges in Delhi with multiple companies and can hire the one that best fits your budget.