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the development trend of the home industry

  • November 20, 2018 6:27 PM PST

    It can only be said to be an attempt at multiple marketing channels. Ms. Lin, the person in charge of a large home store in Nanjing, believes that the main sales force of furniture and building materials is the home store. The role of the shopping center can be said to be more than sales.

    I feel that this situation will not become a trend, and may make up for the shortcomings of traditional channels, but not the mainstream. Most of the malls that can enter the mall are soft furniture, accessories and some custom furniture, but building materials and the like are not suitable.

    And the professional store category is complete, suitable for one-stop consumption, as well as professional after-sales service. Ms. Lin feels that everyone is the development trend of the home industry in the future. More and more home improvement companies are beginning to integrate upstream.

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