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  • November 8, 2018 11:55 PM PST

    Download Red State Movie
    When three teenagers plan to go to cooper鈥檚 dell to party Cesc Fabregas Chelsea Shirt , a fundamentalist group is the last thing they hope to encounter. The teens are lured and have to come face to face with five point trinity under Pastor Abin Cooper a fundamentalist group with a huge arsenal of weaponry and an agenda based on their moral beliefs. When the news of teens鈥?disappearance reaches to the authorities, a military task force is sent aboard.

    In any event, Alex Godfrey wrote a really nice piece about me and Red State Download in the Guardian Guide. At the top of the piece Emerson Chelsea Shirt , Alex asks me about the Harvey Weinstein story from Sundance that I鈥檇 shared with Crave journo Fred Topel and about twenty other journalists while at ComicCon. Since Alex asked, I retold the story 鈥?bringing the grand total for the number of times I鈥檇 told that story to two occasions.

    Senseless horse-shit she鈥檚 written about me aside? I don鈥檛 like bullies. I especially don鈥檛 care for women who seem to hate other women. Rather than celebrate her own gender when other women crack the glass ceiling of power in Hollywood and succeed in her business, like a fading southern belle bitter that others may find happiness where she cannot David Luiz Chelsea Shirt , she attacks. She鈥檚 written unflatteringly about colleagues Sharon Waxman and Kim Masters 鈥?a pair of frankly better, more well-liked industry wags.

    I guess she was feeling left out of our discussion and needed to weigh in. Kali Maa and her site haven鈥檛 written much about Red State 鈥?even though (love or hate the film) it鈥檚 one of the most interesting stories happening in the movie business this year. Red State broke a record and she didn鈥檛 cover it; Indiewire gets the 鈥淭oldja!鈥?on that one. She could鈥檝e written about how Red State sold out shows here and abroad, or simply how we did something different with the flick than all the studios and mini-majors she鈥檚 always wagging a finger at for overspending on the same old Marcos Alonso Chelsea Shirt , regurgitated crap. Ignorance isn鈥檛 bliss; ignorance is Grandma Dynamite, all upset because she鈥檚 been left out of the story thus far.
    The problem with this movie is it’s trying to be too many things at once. Most movies you see tend to have a beginning a middle and an end. sometimes these may be shown in a more unconventional order but the beginning is always there, the middle is always there and the end is always there.

    In the case of Red state what you get is three beginnings then an epilogue to tie it up. The first part is the teens being captured by the bible bashers Cesar Azpilicueta Chelsea Shirt , this part has some good tense moments then it looks as though it’s going to veer into torture porn territory when it quickly changes to a hostage situation movie. You’ve seen this part a hundred times it has nothing new to offer until it just descends into an actionless shoot out. The final part is a moral argument which gutlessly takes neither side, by this time I’d lost interest. Lots of long wordy sections desperately trying to emulate the work of Quentin Tarantino and failing miserable. Trying to keep you on your toes by killing off characters who seem to be important soon lost it’s shock value after the third or fourth time.

    I’d really only recommend this film to Kevin Smith fans, of which there are many. so it will do well even though it isn’t that good a movie.


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