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left and right sides

  • November 5, 2018 6:20 PM PST

    lumber gross in those days about 20% the left and right sides. This year 1- - will import 2.43 million stere in May, than going up growth of year of the corresponding period 102% . boat flooring composite sheet But the lumber of backward treatment is only 20% , the utilization rate of resource and appreciation rate are inferior, the resources latent capacity that expands lumber to process trade is tremendous. 2, content sheds central dominant

    position. Approach peaceful the bridgehead that fragrance river is ideal. Peaceful fragrance river ranks our country bank to peaceful railroad and the Dongduan start of 301 national B road, plastic teak flooring for boats carry net be well versed in with Russia far east. 460 kilometers of 156 kilometers of city of river of westing home peony, Harbin city, case of wave of Russia correspondence port is apart from to pull accord with of metropolis of area

    of border area of the 26 kilometers inside Ni Ji, seaside to pull Diwosituoke east 230 kilometers, far east most. Through peacefuling fragrance river port, classics Russia is plastic wood boards for decking holothurian sprain, Nahuodeka, Oriental harbor haven group, through transport of international land sea can arrive directly at country and the area such as Japan, Korea, United States, be known as join northeast inferior with trend

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    January 28, 2019 10:24 PM PST

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