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How to troubleshooting HP Printer?

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    October 10, 2018 4:04 AM PDT

    HP printer’s users usually face the matter once their printer simply refuses to print something. This downside will arise thanks to varied reasons starting from property problems to faulty configurations or drivers. If you're facing any such downside, the subsequent troubleshooting guide can assist you to get eliminate your printer won’t print downside.

    1. Choose basic troubleshooting

    In case your HP printer stops operating, the primary issue to try and do id to ascertain the standing of the association between your printer and your laptop. Make certain that each one your devices are connected properly to at least one another, and therefore the network or the cable that you simply use to attach these devices is functioning.

    You can additionally take an opportunity at restarting your HP printer. Flip it off for some of the minutes, disconnect the wire and leave it for many minutes. Now, plug the wire to the printer and power it on. See if your downside is resolved.

    1. Update or install the specified drivers

    More typically than not, printers show downside owing to faulty drivers. You will be needed to update or install these drivers to repair your printing issue.

    1. Set your printer to default

    When you attempt to print one thing, your laptop can mechanically assign that printing task to the default printer unless you manually value more highly to bed with another printer. So, your HP printer won’t be ready to print something if you've got neither set it as your default printer nor choose it because the printer to print.

    If your HP printer isn't set as default then follow these steps to form it your default printer:

    1. Press Window key beside the R key, each at a similar time. This may open the Run panel. Sort Control Panel within the panel and hit Enter to open the Control Panel.
    2. Choose Devices and Printers from the Control Panel.
    3. Within the Printers section, right click on your HP printer brand and choose Set as default printer. Click affirmative if prompted.
    4. Now, you'll see a tick below your HP printer icon. This implies that your printer is currently set as the default printer.

    4. Cancel all printing jobs

    Another common downside that leaves your printer not operating is that the stuck print queue. If there are failing print jobs in your print queue, then it should prohibit the conventional functioning of your printer. Clear all of your print jobs to induce your printer back to traditional.

    1. Visit Control Panel and open Devices and Printers.
    2. Right click on your HP printer within the Printers section and choose to see what’s printing.
    3. Open the Printer menu and choose Open as Administrator.
    4. Once more open the Printer menu and choose Cancel All Documents.
    5. Once the prompt window opens, ensure your action.
    1. Check your printer standing

    If the on top of mentioned troubleshooting ways don't work for you, then check for any hardware issue together with your printer. Make sure that your printer has enough paper, ink or toner, and it's not on the paper jam.

    If you've got any question associated with your downside you'll directly contact on HP technical support Phone number (+ 1-800-674-9438).

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