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    ISLAMABAD, June 20 (Xinhua) -- Pakistan and Afghanistan on Monday agreed to peacefully resolve border issues days after cross-border clashes caused casualties on both sides, the Foreign Ministry said.


    Clashes had erupted along the Torkham, the busiest border crossing, between the troops of the two countries on June 12, over the construction of a gate on the Pakistani side.


    Afghanistan's Deputy Foreign Minister, Hekmat Khalil Karzai, led his country's delegation in talks with Pakistani officials in Islamabad Monday and discussed ways to find out a solution to the issue.


    ""Today's talks between the two delegations were held in a cordial atmosphere marked by a mutual desire to amicably resolve border related issues. Both sides decided to work in the spirit of good neighbourly relations and friendly cooperation between the two countries,"" the Pakistani Foreign Ministry said.


    The Pakistani delegation was led by Foreign Secretary Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhry.


    A Foreign Ministry statement said, ""During the discussions, it was emphasized that there was a need for creating a suitable mechanism for consultation on border management issues.""


    ""Effective border management is vital for promoting peace, countering terrorism and strengthening relations between the two countries,"" it said.


    Pakistan and Afghanistan have nearly 2,600-km-long border, mostly porous, and the militants take advantage of the loose control.


    In order to strengthen monitoring, Pakistan introduced a new mechanism that has made it obligatory for every Afghan to carry passport and visa to enter Pakistan from June 1.


    People living near the border areas on both sides used to move across the border without travel documents.


    Pakistan insists that militants would take advantage of the loose border control and cross the border for terrorist activities in both sides.

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