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FIFA 17 Comes on the EA Access

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    September 22, 2016 12:46 AM PDT

    FIFA 17 now is on EA access. But it's only 10 hours, once you're done you have to wait for the full release like the rest.


    1) if I start it now, will that mean I have ten hours to play it from that point or does it accumulate if you come off it and I go back on at another point?
    2) if time runs out while I'm playing, will it just kick me off or will it let the game finish?
    3) can I view my time remaining anywhere?

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    Helpful Tips:

    1) Yes it only accounts for time that the game is running for. So make sure when you're done you quit out from the dashboard or it will continue wasting time even if you aren't playing.
    2) yes it will kick you out
    3) When you launch the game you will see "You have x hours remaining." It's kinda vague but it's something

    1) You have 10 hours on the game, the timer starts when you load it up and stops when you quit the app. (remember to quit the app when you're done)
    2) It will kick you
    3) It only tells you when you start the app

    1) It's ten hours of game time (including menu time). Each time you want to stop, make sure you force quit the game so it doesn't run in the background.
    2) Yeah, it kicks you out
    3) Last year it would tell you your time remaining each time you started the game. I assume it's the same this year