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    June 20, 2018 7:07 PM PDT
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    In this final installmentof the how to windsurf guide Authentic Kyle Hendricks Jersey , you will be given a clear breakdown of the 5skills that you will be learning on your beginnerswindsurfing lessons. These steps are essential learning blocks and shouldbe included as part of any good windsurfing schools syllabus for simulator work& on water training during a beginners windsurfing course.

    Assumingyou have your overall plan of action clear in your mind from reading the How To WindsurfGuide 聳 Part 2 lets get down to the essentials that any beginner windsurfer needs toknow聟

    1. Naming the various partsof a windsurf board & sail 聳 It聮s no good if your instructor is telling you toput one hand on the mast & the other on the boom if you don聮t know whatthese things are! A quick tour of the windsurf board & sail should be thefirst thing you cover on your beginners windsurf course.

    Lookingat the board, you have have to know the front form the back (otherwise you mayend up windsurfing backwards!). The front is more rounded & the back moresquared off. The three parts that fit to a board are called the daggerboard,fin & universal joint (UJ for short). The daggerboard stops sideways drift(the curse of all those learning how to windsurf!) and gives much neededstability! The fin keeps you moving in a straight line & the UJ is themissing link between board & sail, basically the magic piece of kit thatallows windsurfing to happen.

    Thesail or more correctly the 聭rig聮 is a combination of the sail itself, a boom(which you hold onto) and a mast (which is the pole that runs up the front sleeveof the sail). With these three bits of kit, some ropes & a little knowledgeof how to rig awindsurf sail correctly Authentic Sammy Sosa Jersey , you can be setup & ready to go in under 5minutes from having rocked up at the beach!

    2. The Start Position 聳 The very first thing youhave to master in windsurfing is how to get yourself up on the board and in abalance position from which you can get moving. Easier said than done! Keypoints here are to understand the board has a centreline on which you must keepall your weight, using your stronger leg muscles rather than your back to pullthe sail slowly from the water & creating an counter balance between thesail & your body.

    Ittakes some practice & a few splashes but after a short period of time &the right conditions this start position should become second nature.

    3. Static 180 Turn 聳 You may think the nextstep in learning how to windsurf is to set sail into the sunset but whathappens if you don聮t know how to turn around & come back home? This is whythe second skill to learn is actually how to turn yourself & the boardaround a full static 180 turn.

    Asimple explanation is that from your start position you lean the back end ofthe sail (called the clew end) down to try and touch the back of the board.This action will make the board start to rotate under your feet, at which pointyou must take small, controlled steps around the front of the board, makingsure to stay very close to the centreline as explained earlier. Once the boardhas completed a full 180 degree turn and you are facing back to where you justcame from (i.e. 聭home聮) you adopt your start position once again, to stop theturning process & stabilise the board.

    Ittakes some practice Authentic Addison Russell Jersey , mainly to master the balance involved with tiptoeingaround the front of the board but it is an essential skill that must be learntearly on in your windsurfing career.

    4. The Sailing Position 聳 Right, time to actuallyget windsurfing! You have been spinning round in circles practicing your static180 degree turns & feel confident that that can get back home, so its timeto master the all important step of getting from the start position and into asailing position.

    Thereis nothing for it here but to remember a set sequence of movements that willbest get you from standing still to moving along on your board. First, checkyou are aiming across the wind, cross your front hand onto the boom, releaseyour backhand from the mast Authentic Orlando Cepeda Jersey , move your feet into an 聭L聮 shape (back foot behindthe daggerboard & front foot by the mast), draw the sail up to the 聭balancepoint聮 & take power into the sail by pulling on the boom with back hand.

    Theabove description is a good starting point but please note it is no substitutefor taking tuition from a reputable windsurf school where you can practice themovements under supervision on a dry land simulator, gaining valuable musclememory. You will also receive continued feedback & tips whilst outpracticing on the water, particularly important, as all thoughts seem to go outthe window once you are actually out there trying to windsurf!

    5. Steering 聳 Often overlooked butvery important, is the ability to steer around your fellow beginner windsurfers& avoid other stationary objects such as expensive yachts! The key tosteering is to think in terms of 聭upwind聮 and 聭downwind聮 Authentic David Ross Jersey , not left and right.Because you change sides every time you turn 180 on a windsurf board, so doesyour effective lef. Authentic Womens Derrick Nnadi Jersey , Adidas Andrew Ladd Jersey , Womens John Kelly Jersey , Andrew McCutchen Jersey Womens ,

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