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domestic brands of furniture business

  • June 12, 2018 1:31 AM PDT

    At the Sixth Space International Hall, reporters encountered a home improvement designer who is communicating with sales personnel. The real imported brand home products have a relatively high selling price in their home countries. Plus, packaging, transportation, and customs declaration procedures are all correct.

    Very high, the designer frankly stated that I usually have time to import the home furnishing museum to refer to the cutting-edge design of the world, but generally we will not recommend imported furniture to the owner. Unless he needs it, he can give it according to the style of his home improvement.

    Give some advice. The reporter found in an unannounced visit that many domestic brands of furniture business will give designers a certain amount of thanks to the recommendation, it is learned that most of the price is about 30%. And if the owners have asked for the designer to accompany the purchase of furniture,

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