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building materials home market

  • June 11, 2018 9:21 PM PDT

    It can be seen that the housing enterprises of building materials still lack confidence in the market in the fourth quarter. On the one hand, they expect to obtain a certain market return in Jin Jiuyin 10 On the other hand, in the face of increasingly rational,

    increasingly discerning consumers, building materials home companies are more cautious in this year's particularly fierce promotional campaign. There is still a certain downward pressure on economic growth. It is expected that there will be no significant improvement in the domestic building materials home market in the fourth quarter.

    It is recommended that companies do a good job of preparing for the winter, and in the disadvantaged market competition, Mr. Chang will save and develop.Micro-investigation of the imported furniture market: “Import” is defined as “different quality” and more important than the place of production.

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