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Wood floor pavement technical

  • May 15, 2018 10:42 PM PDT

    other unfavorable factors,plywood siding prices many floor brands are in trouble and have launched price wars to ensure market share. In the past six months, the price of the laminate flooring market has been reduced by about 15%, and profits have been getting thinner,raised modular outdoor flooring less than half the original. In order to survive, those companies that couldn't stand up to their jobs and have no choice but to choose their way have already "changed their quality." They

    have been adhering to the "five-inferiority board" in terms of quality and are playing the ball.plastic wood railing price sri lanka For example, if the wear-resistant layer is reduced by 10%, the cost can be reduced by 20%: If the formaldehyde content is to be reduced by 10mg, the cost of adding the relevant components will increase the total cost by 10%; of which the mystery is to brace a metal gazebo to a wooden deck What is more, some brands launched a price war under the banner of “five bad

    boards” and launched propaganda campaigns to please to paint a checker board on a concrete patio They did not know that they also sold “five bad boards,” because the prices they sold were difficult to support a qualified product. The cost and their profit, in order to survive, they only take the risk.wall plastic pvc sheets Due to the ongoing price war, it also caused psychological misunderstandings for consumers. In some areas in the south, laminate flooring was mistaken for low-grade