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Troubleshooting Dell Laptop Touchscreen Issues Windows

  • May 15, 2018 8:57 PM PDT

    At the point when your touch-pad isn't functioning as it should, first deal with these basic steps:

    1. Make sure the touch-pad is turned on.
    2. Make sure the touch-pad and your finger do not have any dirt, grease, liquids or food on them as the touch-pad has to make a good contact with your finger to work correctly.
    3. Save any data, close any open program(s) and restart the computer.

    Important:  Do not touch the touch-pad until the computer is completely booted up, as it goes through a calibration process while booting up.

    And if still facing the same problem then Call Dell Customer Support Number | Dell Customer Care Toll Free number +1-844-844-7041(USA / Canada)

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