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a good building materials

  • April 16, 2018 2:49 AM PDT

    Bathroom decoration color matching techniques: 1, decorative wall tiles, 2, decorative paintings and shower curtains, 3, small green plants. 1. Decorative Wall Tiles: When using white wall tiles to cover the bathroom space, you can first use the wall line and decorative tiles to decorate the wall surface. Since white is an achromatic color, canadian tire deck flooring it is theoretically possible to embellish the walls with decorative bricks of any color. However, the use of decorative tiles should pay attention to the rationality of paving positions and the principle of less expensive and more expensive. mahogany tongue and groove ceiling 2. Decorative paintings and shower curtains: The use of decorative paintings is a common method used to decorate the color of the bathroom space. It is generally recommended that you choose a wall with a larger area and a more regular shape in the bathroom, and hang 2 to 4 decorative paintings for the theme display. Decorated with color. In addition, in the choice of bathroom shower curtain, best outdoor rug wood deck it should also try to use the style and style of decorative painting to achieve better decorative effect. 3, small green plants: Small green plants can bring a relaxed, healthy and pleasant atmosphere for the bathroom, but also the most commonly used gadgets to decorate the bathroom space. It is recommended that you choose green, hi tide, moderate body green plants placed in the bathroom windowsill, corners and other locations, so that you can easily achieve a good green bathroom space effect.