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misdirect consumer

  • April 16, 2018 12:07 AM PDT

    to judge floor quality more even, misdirect consumer. Examine so much, appraise through comparison also makes wooden floor enterprise bitter can't bear to add height to a picket fence The Ai Ge of brand gold eagle that the lumber with the biggest Germany produces group of enterprise moxa case to be in China encountered this kind of situation, lin Dalun of general manager of China of case of Jin Ying moxa expresses to the reporter: "The

    roduct that we send check 2x4 and 2x6 composite sleeves decking according to normal channel is to accord with a standard, some index, for instance formaldehyde content, wear-resisting spends etc still is prep above GB, but go up to the place, want us not to make money only, a lot of appraise through comparison say we are inferior to local brand, emphasize you are German entrance even, this affected the reputation of German product how to get an estimate of an fence likewise. This a

    ffected the reputation of German product likewise.. Face the difficulties that one is reluctant to mention of the enterprise, lv Bin also appears have no alternative, lv expresses, committee of floor board of association of industry of Chinese forest products with the country man-made board quality is supervised blue composite deck board examine what has the center never done to recommend a brand, the stand or fall of quality of product of a