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Native Mobile Program Development and Security Risk Management

  • March 13, 2018 1:27 AM PDT

    Developing local cellular apps as opposed to HTML5-based apps adds complexity to cellular application protection management. Peter Yard from Web trends Applications, recently posted an insightful blog entry where he points out those developing local applications for each cellular program (i.e. IPhone, Android os, Microsoft company windows Mobile, Blackberry, SymbianOS, WebOS) is not practical because the development and servicing cost grows for each cellular program app deployed.


    Not only is Peter's perspective very practical from a price and servicing perspective, it also has important details protection implications. A key attribute of risk analysis for web applications is sometimes referred to as attack area, which essentially indicates that the more features, performance, permissions and program code accessible to customers, the more vectors of attack - which increases the probability of a burglar compromise. This very same principal applies to mobile phone applications. Having identical or identical features recoded for several techniques increases the attack area. Furthermore, several applications would need a program penetration analyze and a the three review to make sure they are protected before deployment, or after changes or updates to the program code base.


    Areas where we are seeing (and protection testing) lots of cellular application deployments, such as in healthcare, banking and customer driven businesses, also generally have important compliance and confidential details protection specifications - think HIPAA & PCI. Thus developing customized apps for each program natively adds complexity to protection management. Of course there are a variety of economic cases, for example if an app needs accessibility to the camera, that will dictate local development, but the protection implications of local development protection risk management should always be considered when making a cellular development technique.


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