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similar enterprises and products abroad

  • March 13, 2018 12:52 AM PDT

    competitiveness,best materials to replaced outside floor to achieve China from the flooring production powerhouse to the flooring powerhouse leap. According to the relevant person in charge of the Flooring Branch of China Forest Products Industry Association, the wood flooring industry in China has experienced a small to16 x 14 simple deck designs large development in the past 10 years and has entered a period of rapid development in recent years with an annual increase of more than 20%.

    As of the end of 2004,tongue and groove flooring perth China has formed an annual production capacity of 260 million square meters of flooring, and gradually become the world's largest wood flooring producer and sales power. At the same time, the Chinese floor backbone enterprises emerged in the fierce competition,how to add height to existing fence while their products basically meet the needs of the domestic market, they are also constantly developing foreign markets with fierce momentum. At

    present, China-made flooring, especially laminate flooring,galvanized wire fence for decks has successfully entered the markets of Europe and the Americas mainly through OEMs. The export volume has reached 30 million square meters, and this figure is still increasing. Due to the low cost of floor products exported from China, real wood floors suppliers new yorkit quickly squeezed into the international market while squeezing the living space of similar enterprises and products abroad. In order to protect the