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deputy secretary-general

  • February 6, 2018 5:13 PM PST

    protected appoint deputy secretary-general Ning Hai points out, floor enterprise should consume an upland to seek progress around Shanghai, and how does trade outdoor wpc floor market organization guide everybody to plan development, worth while and thoughtful; next how does the enterprise hold a service, let consumer more acquisition feel, trade organization allows to weigh and the path is far. Chen Xiaojun

    of deputy director general of non slip tile floor for a porch bureau of inspect of Shanghai ability expresses, 2017 it is quality good year, want to capture good luck hard to increase high grade supply, at the same time the company should act together, for mass promotion battle, china is floor production big country, also want to become quality big state, shanghai should become the soldier of the person at the head of a

    procession of countrywide floor white pvc fencing and decking in the store quality. Port intercepts and capture small moth of small moth of material of cocoa of evil living things and small aegis material first a few days ago, shandong Qingdao examines the staff member is in quarantine bureau to import the flay from the United States to a batch when white oak log undertakes quarantine is checked, inexpensive decks railings for decks intercept and capture insects of tens