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easy to hide dirt, so that the use of quality discount.

  • January 23, 2018 2:00 AM PST

    corrugated metal fence photo in Germany

    italian floor tiles factory in italy USA

    wood plastic granule in Netherlands

    and mechanism of green product certification special, only said as a "green" certification authority by professional institutions. The product can "green core" is only a representation, is not equal to the green environmental protection,More does not equal to free formaldehyde, consumers should identify whether the product has passed environmental certification marks. 2, "relief face" in the use. On the current

    market hot push "relief surface" wood-plastic floor. Experts unanimously expressed disapproval, pointing out that from the perspective of consumer use, crystal surfaces should be vigorously promoted. Experts also pointed out that wear resistance is the most critical use index of wood-plastic flooring, engraving on wood-plastic floor surfaces. It is bound to greatly reduce the wear resistance of the floor, and

    easy to hide dirt, so that the use of quality discount. Consumers should not simply pursue surface effects and ignore the future service life and cleaning trouble. 3. Wide range wood flooring high price is unreasonable. Experts pointed out that the current wide wood flooring high price should not, and small size wood flooring, wide wood plastic flooring should be implemented to sell at medium and low prices.

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