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Fried potato chips production process

  • November 12, 2017 5:59 PM PST

    Fried potato chips production process:
    Potato → cleaning → cleaning → peeled → dressing → slicing → color protection → rinsing
    → blanching → dehydration → frying → deoiling → seasoning → cooling → weighing and packaging
    Quality requirements: 
    Sensory requirements:2017 small peanut butter machine making machine
    Appearance: The appearance of an approximate oval, allowing some irregular and a small amount of debris
    Color: light yellow, allowing some brownish yellow
    Smell: with fresh potato after the unique flavor of fried, roasted burnt smell, Ha Wei or other undesirable odor.
    Taste: Crisp and delicious, with fried potatoes and flavors specific to each taste
    Physical and chemical requirements:
    Moisture content: ≤2% Fat content: 32-35% Acid value: ≤5.0mg / g Peroxide value: ≤20meq / kg Sulfur residue 
    (SO2): ≤300ppm Arsenic / lead: ≤0.5mg / kg / ≤0.5 mg / kg
    (3) Health indicators Total bacteria: ≤1000 / g E. coli: ≤50 / 100 g Pathogenic bacteria: not detected
    Frozen French fries production process:
    Potato → Preset → Pick → Sediment Cleaning → peanut butter machine line with good quality price
    Peeling and Skin Separation → Dressing → Slitting → Color Care
    → Classification → Basting → Rinsing → Dehydration and Drying → Frying → Lekking → Pre-cooling → Frozen → Weighing Package → refrigerate

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