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'Trump' orders the United States to review the special status.

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    May 29, 2020 10:33 PM PDT

    'Trump' orders the United States to review the special status of Hong Kong - WHO cuts relations



    President Donald Trump said in a press conference on Friday (29 May) that the US government will begin the process to cancel the special status of Hong Kong. In response to China's decision to enforce national security laws in Hong Kong And also announced the severance of relations with the World Health Organization (WHO), he said that because the WHO has taken any action by putting China at the center.
    President Trump announced in a press conference that "Hong Kong no longer has sufficient autonomy to receive the special treatment status that we have provided. Therefore, I have ordered my administration to begin the process of canceling the policy exemption that Hong Kong has received. Special and different treatment. "

    The Kyodo news agency reports that The announcement was made. After China decided on Thursday to enforce national security laws to wipe out what China sees as a sabotage activity in Hong Kong. This includes the large-scale democratic protests that have caused violence in the past year.

    Under China's "one country, two systems" policy, Hong Kong will receive rights and freedoms as a semi-autonomous region for 50 years after England returned Hong Kong to China in 1997.

    The United States has given Hong Kong a special privilege that is separate from China in areas such as customs duties and visas. Under the 1992 US law

    President Trump states that China violated the contract by implementing the "One country, one system" policy.

    However, Hong Kong's economic openness and freedom of expression As well as other issues that make Hong Kong more attractive to businesses around the world, helping Hong Kong flourish as an international financial center. And Hong Kong also plays a role in raising funds for Chinese companies.

    President Trump revealed that The United States plans to take measures to punish Chinese officials directly and indirectly to destroy Hong Kong's independence.

    In addition to protecting important research at US universities, President Trump's administration will ban foreigners traveling from China to the country. By stating that it may be a security risk

    While showing dissatisfaction with China regarding Hong Kong issues President Trump also attacked the WHO, which he criticized as "puppets" in China and misinformation. Of China regarding the epidemic of Covid-19

    "China has absolute power to control the World Health Organization"

    President Trump said.

    "Because they failed to perform as requested and so much needed reform was needed Today, we will end our relationship with the World Health Organization. And we are changing to funding elsewhere around the world and where urgent health assistance is needed. "

    In the last week President Trump has told the WHO that he will permanently suspend WHO funding and review US membership if the WHO does not implement major reforms within 30 days.

    President Trump, who faced domestic criticisms of coping with Covid-19 disease Before the election in November Changed to blame WHO and China, the source of the spread of the disease at the end of last year

    The abolition of US funding permanently will have a profound impact on the WHO, with the US being the major funding provider in 2018 and 2019, valued at $ 893 million, or approximately 15% of the total funding of WHO


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