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Computer Vision Syndrome. The dangers of using screen eyes.

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    May 22, 2020 1:51 AM PDT


    What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

    Computer Vision Syndrome is an eye disorder that occurs when staring at the screen, electronic devices such as computers, tablets, mobile phones too much for more than 1-2 hours without we changing or moving our eyes to other things. at all When we stared for a long time Our iris will shrink The muscles will roll back and forth as we look at the characters on the screen, including animations such as video clips, watching dramas or series for a long time. Our eye muscles will work hard all the time. Can cause abnormalities in the eyes

    Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome

    Symptoms that can occur There are many characteristics such as

    Symptoms that occur with the eyes

    - Eye pain

    - Blurred vision

    - Eyes burning

    - Irritating eyes

    - dry eyes

    Symptoms that occur with other nearby parts such as

    - Eye sore pain

    - Headache

    - May spread pain to the occipital region

    Work From Home Risks of Computer Vision Syndrome More Than Normal Work

    Working or studying online at home May cause us to use our eyes to look at the computer for longer than usual Because we didn't take our eyes off the screen to travel to work as usual Woke up for a moment and stared at the computer Therefore, we may stare at the computer. And other screens Therefore, working at longer Computer Risk Syndrome may be more risky than traveling to work at the office. Or traveling to study as usual

    How unusual should the doctor go?

    Eye pain, eye fatigue, blurred vision, blurred vision may be a temporary condition that can occur after staring at the screen for a long time. When the screen is stopped The symptoms may disappear.

    But if anyone resting their eyes away from the screen and still have symptoms such as blurred vision, irritating eyes, sore eyes, should immediately see an ophthalmologist to find the cause. And receive urgent treatment

    Eye preserving methods When having to use computers, tablets and mobile phones for a long time

    1. Choose glasses that are suitable for our eyesight. Those who use electronics often should wear glasses with lenses that can filter blue light. To help look at the screen more comfortably Cut glasses for optimum eye wear, especially ophthalmologists, aged 40 and older, should choose glasses with lenses that can look at up close distance as well

    2. Using a filter over the computer screen Including equipment attached with all screens In order to filter out some bright light Or can choose the eye preservation mode on the mobile screen And tablet

    3. Blink more often Prevent dry eye

    4. Use the rules 20-20-20
       - Every 20 minutes, take your eyes off the screen.

        - use your eyes to look at objects that are far more than 20 feet (green trees are better)

        - Spend 20 seconds looking and holding

    Before looking back at the screen And after staring at the screen all day There should be time to rest your eyes by doing other activities such as bathing, eating, walking, cooking, etc. to reduce the use of eyes to stare at the screen.


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