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Quicken Error CC-585 (When Updating Accounts)

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    February 18, 2020 10:59 PM PST

    Quicken Error CC-585 (When Updating Accounts)
    Quicken Error CC-585 occurs when you’re downloading new transactions from your bank/financial institution. CC-585 error usually occurs when your bank added a new security page that you need to bypass in order to use online services in Quicken.

    Causes for Quicken Error CC-585
    This issue is only caused by a new security page by your bank/financial institution that has recently added onto their website which requires your attention. Please go through with the required information to use online services in Quicken.

    Things to do before fixing this error code
    Create a data file backup
    We recommend you, to create a backup before proceeding with the troubleshooting because if there would be any fallback in between the process so you can come back to the same place, where you started.
    Go to File > Backup and Restore > Back up Quicken File (Ctrl+B)
    To change the backup location, click on Change
    Click on Back up Now
    Method 1: Ensure that Quicken is running with the latest release
    -Open Quicken Software
    -Go to Help > Check For Updates
    -If an update available click on Yes to launch (See an image below)
    Method 2: Refresh Account Information
    -Go to your account that causing this error code
    -Under your account register, click on the gear icon (with the drop-down arrow) to the top right-hand side corner
    -Click on Update Now
    -The next window prompts you to enter your Quicken vault password or bank password (If password vault isn’t set up)
    -Then click Update Now
    If the same problem still exists after following the above 2 methods please proceed with the below one too.
    Method 3: Visit your bank/financial institution website
    Log in to your bank’s website
    If you find any additional windows, please enter the required information
    If you don’t find any new window, please open inbox center to their website
    In case you’re unable to find the additional window, please contact your financial institution.
    Afer following all the above steps, you can easily fix Quicken Error Code CC-585 but in case it still exists, please speak with our experts. Call Quicken Tech Support Number or leave us your message.