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How to remove an Exclamation mark on the HP Assistant icon?

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    February 14, 2020 1:30 AM PST

    If you see an exclamation mark on the HP Support Assistant software icon in the taskbar, it means some updates or messages need your immediate attention. To download and install these updates and read these messages, follow the steps given below:

    Step 1: First and foremost open the HP Support Assistant, by double-clicking on the HP Support Assistant icon.
    Step 2: Click on My devices to see My PC. In this prompt, there are two options available, Updates and Messages, both of which could require attention. You will know which one of them required your attention if you see the exclamation mark.
    Step 3: Click on the Updates if it has an exclamation mark next to it. If there is no exclamation mark next to Updates, skip to the Step 6.
    Step 4: From the Updates section, check the boxes for all the updates, then click on "Download and install".
    Step 5: Follow the given on-screen instructions.
    Step 6: Click on the Messages if it has an exclamation mark next to it.
    Step 7: In the Messages that are available on the screen, click on the messages to read them. When you are finished, click to the right of each message to delete it permanently.
    Step 8: Restart your computer.

    The exclamation mark should be gone. To know more about where and how to Download Hp Support Assistant feel free to visit our website.