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5 Ways To Improve Vocabulary

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    December 1, 2019 11:53 PM PST

    A strong vocabulary, along with punctuation and grammar, is an essential tool in a writer's toolbox. It can make your writing more powerful by selecting the best words and avoiding the vague language that doesn't give a clear sense of context to the readers. Building your vocabulary is, therefore, one of the best ways of improving your writing skills.

    The following ways can help in improving vocabulary.

    1.   Read Everyday

    Reading novels, newspapers, and other literary works are the best method to learn new words. It will further help you by looking up their meanings in a dictionary to use them in the correct context. If you are a graduate student then you may read related to your feild like how to write a term paper, or what is turabian style paper

    2.   Keep a Dictionary Handy

    Keep a dictionary handy while you are writing and use it when you are using a set of words quite often. Similarly, it can also be utilized when you feel that a word does not convey the actual meaning. This technique will allow you to articulate yourself properly by mastering new terms.

    3. Learn a Word Everyday

    Develop your list of words from which you can learn a word every day. Also, use that word immediately after learning. It will help you to understand the context of that term.

    4. Keep a Journal

    Journaling also assists in developing your writing style and improving vocabulary. Making a list of new words will positively reinforce you to learn even more words.

    5.   Diversify the Reading List

    You may not be introducing yourself to a wide range of words because you tend to read the same kind of stuff every day. Therefore, a writer should diversify the reading list by including the topics of natural science, Shakespeare, politics, or philosophy.


    All the ways mentioned above can help an individual to develop an impressive writing style by improving his vocabulary.You may read news paper for every day use words or may read free essays written by professional essay writer on diffierent topics to increase knowledge


    However, beginners or students often find this writing work a bit complicated. Therefore, for achieving top grades, they usually take professional help from companies offering "write my essay for me" services.