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bobbit worm

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    October 1, 2019 3:26 AM PDT

    hello, friends, just now I bought some bobbit worms from a pet shop for my aquarium with fish. These bobbit worms are so cute, but the seller said nothing about the recommendations about how to take care of them. So I would like to know if thse bobbit worms need a special care

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    October 1, 2019 4:57 AM PDT

    Have you at least read something on the internet about them? Do you know that they are predators? I hope that you don't have fish in the aquarium and you don't plan on buying them. Fool. Who the hell buys worms for an aquarium. First of all, they're ugly, secondly, they're disgusting.

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    October 1, 2019 5:39 AM PDT

    Yes, you can buy them fish so that they would have what to eat. Don't buy always the same species, get different ones, sometimes a more expensive one so that they won't get bored. A goldfish is perfect. Ok, now let's be serious. They love killing fish, they love to break them into pieces and make them suffer. They have cold blood, they are killers. There's more about them on How do you take care of the killers? Everyone has their own way. I would buy some another natural predators and watch them suffer, like the Melanurus Wrasse. Justice, isn't it?