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    January 16

    (The NBA is superbly the wow classic gold most progressive US sports league.) People who do not reside in China must either self suspensions & face or indulgent dismissal. For many others like it and Blizzard, it's an impossible choice. Betray your say betray your shareholders and goodbye to a market, or worth. In a world that is capitalist, shareholders win each argument.

    [Some angry fans are mounting a kind of hostile takeover of Blizzard's intellectual property by attempting to turn Chinese Overwatch personality Mei into a Hong Kong protest symbol - as seen in the above Reddit embed. The hope is that Chinese governments will sour and make it banned]

    The defence first provided by the NBA from the 90s and now echoed by Blizzard and its peers is that they offer a safe, politics-free space for people from other cultures to come along and revel in the same things. It does not need to be a one, although it is a convenient lineup, with billions at stake. There is value to people finding shared fun in exactly the same things - perhaps more than ever.

    But the statement of Blizzard hardly seems to have set the issue to rest, and also the memory of its week of silence stays unnerving. It doesn't suggest a company. It indicates a company paralysed by the situation it's found itself. As one employee told Vice before the announcement had been made:"We are damned if we do not have a stand - we will have lost a great deal of help from fans beyond China. We're damned if we do - you can not keep the lights on buy classic wow gold when we lose income from China and others swoop in to take our place. Even if I did quit, where would I go that's not beholden to income or access from China tomorrow or today?"