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  • In case you haven’t heard, Brett Favre is currently the former quarterback from the Green Bay Packers -- he was traded for the New York Jets late yesterday evening for a conditional fourth-round draft pick. You may be scanning this and wondering why it’s been posted over a videogame blog. Well, Mr. Favre happened to obtain been selected by EA because the cover athlete for Madden NFL 09. But since he’s been traded to Gang Green, what direction to go?

    MTV Multiplayer got word from an EA spokesperson about the publisher’s plans seeing that the game’s current cover continues to be rendered obsolete from the trade. Here’s what they’ve selected:

    So, let’s recap: all retail copies of Madden NFL 09 will feature Favre in the Packers uniform about the box; EA is going to be providing updated cover artwork online that gamers can download, list, and insert to their cases; along with the disc’s roster may have Favre while on an “NFL Greats” team, but a day-one roster update is going to be available to get him to the Jets’ first-string QB.

    All to all, this appears to be the best way to start solving this matter. So much for Favre being the primary retired player to grace the quilt of a Madden game, eh? As for the trade, I’ve spoke with a number of Jets fans who're understandably ecstatic concerning this -- but I wonder, they have considered the possible (likely?) adverse effects of an Madden curse transfer for https://www.mmoah.com/madden-mobile
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EA to place Favre on Jets and convey updated cover Madden 09

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