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    I stay woefully unimpressed with World of Warcraft, a judgment that I report which has a great deal of sadness. Despite my high hopes, Walt Simonson will not be delivering a compelling Warcraft storyline – or even a decent fantasy one for instance. Problems are rampant here, especially dealing having a plot that feels a whole bunch like Gladiator devoid of the solid characterization. Details and nods to the World of Warcraft universe are produced, but any one of these elements might be swapped for something more important. Drop in spandex and mutants and also you could have an X-Men story here. Nothing with this arc seems like it is owned by Warcraft or maybe these characters. It's a huge letdown.

    Fortunately Ludo Lullabi's art is keeping me hooked. Lullabi's style isn't first that comes to mind when embracing the land of Azeroth, but his energy overcomes that reasonably well. As I mentioned last time though, Lullabi isn't acquiring a chance to really loosen up into this franchise. We've seen some forests, but think about more exotic locations? Why are we still in Orc territory? Can something epic please happen?

    At here World of Warcraft generally seems to merely be going with the motions, delivering a used up plot within a mediocre manner. The art, though stylish, doesn't enhance much by any means and isn't really worth the price of admission. You can do better https://www.mmoah.com/warmane
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World of Warcraft #2

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