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  • Battle for Azeroth will definitely bring long-time World of Warcraft players back in to the grind if it drops this August. Expect folk to get pulling all-nighters since they feverishly consume quest content and commence pushing towards Raid progression and Mythic-level dungeons.

    But why don't you consider those of us who don’t have time for being that dedicated? Well, interestingly, Blizzard have added a different mode for anyone who is only able to spare minutes at the same time to visit Azeroth.

    Island Expeditions are a fresh feature in Battle for Azeroth that see two teams of three go head-to-head to accumulate the most Azerite (a sensational resource that emerged once the world was stabbed using a very large sword).

    They work similar to this: Players queue to participate in the scenario, selecting a difficulty and if they want to play against another human-controlled team - or even, AI-controlled opponents will roam the battlefield. Dropping anchor over coast of just one of several islands - selected aimlessly - teams race to accumulate 6000 components of Azerite before their opponents. These can be gained by looting treasure, killing monsters, and downing bosses.

    As Azerite nodes are depleted, teams are naturally brought into conflict collectively - fighting throughout the last scraps. But more exciting would be the dramatic changes caused late amongst gamers - environmental effects that inside the stakes and throw powerful bosses in to the mix. In the rounds I played, fire elementals caused volcanoes to burst out of your sands, shooting molten rocks around by far the most lucrative resource nodes. Burning gateways gave the impression to teleport players into an underground cavern where, as it turns out, an Elemental Lord awaited to
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