Hair Fall Control in Dubai

  • Hair Fall Control in Dubai


    60% beauty is about hair in a body.. Dubai have the big problem of water so a lot of peoples falling hair in uae . so now you control your hairs from falling.

    Utilize Anti hair fall Shower channel to control hair fall, male pattern baldness and secure your skin.

    Shower channel expels chlorine and different chemicals from the water, have clean water each time you take bath,no more harms to your hair. It is useful for hair treatment.

    The best hand picked quality hostile to hair fall/against dandruff shower channels. The counter male pattern baldness shower channel decrease male pattern baldness, makes hair more grounded, glossy and plush. It additionally ensure your skin, you won't have dry skin and irritated skin. Let water flush about 30 seconds when using at the first time.
    Change the pre-filter regularly.
    Filter life time depends on the local water quality and consumption of water.

    By removing chlorine and other chemicals from the shower water. you protect

    your skin, hair, lungs, mucous membranes and tissues from toxic vapors that

    can cause irritation and illness. These chemicals are more toxic in your shower than

    in your drinking water.

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