Hotel Management as Career: Guide to your different options

  • Hotel Management as Career

    Finding a rewarding career is a challenge. Your job should also help you earn enough to live comfortably. In this regard, hotel management as a career is a great choice. It offers various growth opportunities. But is also a highly paid field.

    As tourism grows, the hotel industry also develops. This creates many career options in hotel management. Hence, you have a great hotel management career scope if you are interested in this line of work.


    Through this article, JBIHM will introduce you to hotel management as career. We will help you understand what jobs you can find. We will also look at your career path and your chances of growth.


    You must be qualified to establish yourself in the hotel industry. So, you need either a diploma or degree in hotel management to get your first job.


    Diploma courses are for students who have completed 10th standard. But to apply to degree courses, you should complete the 12th standard.


    Students from any discipline can apply to degree and diploma courses.

    Now, let us talk about your hotel management career path. This will depend on your initial qualification.


    Degree holders can find better salaries than a diploma holder. So, aim for a degree in hotel management. You can also join for a degree course after getting a diploma.


    Your course will cover all aspects of the hotel industry. You will receive training in all hotel departments. The course will also prepare you for different challenges in your future job.


    At the end of your course, you will be ready for many jobs. These will be entry-level positions. Good institutes like JBIHM will give placement options for students.




    Hotel management course freshers are in high demand. Most hotels recruit campus freshers every year.


    Let us look at the requirements for hotel management placement from campus.

    Firstly, you should have good results. Hotel employers also look for skills and talents. Apart from marks, they also judge candidates on attitude and confidence.


    Employers prefer smart and pleasant students. They want staff to be eager to learn. So, you should show serious interest in a hotel management career path. Only then can you expect to be selected.



    Most other industries have smaller staff requirements. However, hotels employ a large number of staff.

    Big hotel chains are always setting up new locations. So, they regularly need hundreds of new employees.

    So, don’t be worried about finding a job with hotel management as a career. Even freshers will have multiple job options. The only requirement is talent and hard work.

    Hotel management placement in college is very helpful. As freshers, this gives you the chance to find your first job.


    Now, let us look at what this first job may involve.


    In some positions, you must directly interact with customers. For instance, when you are on the front desk or concierge services.

    On other occasions, you may have to work in other departments. This can be kitchen, security or housekeeping. Through these roles, you can explore all the options. Use this chance to find your favourites. Then you can chalk out your hotel management career path.



    When you start working in the hotel industry, you may be confused. However, you will soon realize your preferred job profile.

    Some freshers are happy in client-facing roles. They will like front-desk operations. Others prefer computer-based tasks. So, they may like accounting and booking.

    Then there are others who like specialist jobs. They should try event planning or kitchen management.

    The first step is identifying your area of interest. With this, your hotel management career scope expands. You can undergo training to develop specific skills.

    This will also streamline your career path. You can focus on specialization courses. This will add value to your resume. It will also help you get promotions. In the long term, it will improve your overall outcome.

    Have you always wanted to visit new places? Then hotel management as career may be your passport to new places.


    Of course, this may not be easy for a fresher.


    International clients prefer people with experience. So, your campus hotel management placement options may not send you abroad.

    However, you can build experience with jobs in India for a few years.  You will then have a good chance of being noticed by international hoteliers.

    Salary prospects improve when you choose a job abroad. You will also learn new things. Finally, you will get to enjoy new experiences.

    So, hotel management as career is also a great choice for those who wish to travel. It may help you settle abroad.




    1. How can I get a well-paying management job in the hotel industry?

    The first step to a good hotel job is the right qualification.

    Hotel management career scope improves with a degree or diploma. However, your certificate should be from a reputed institute.

    You can join a diploma after 10th standard. For a degree in hotel management, you should complete the 12th standard.


    2. How to prepare for hotel management placement?

    Good institutes have placement for their senior students. Institutes like JBIHM bring recruiters from famous hotels. The hotels conduct interviews to find top candidates. Then they hire them to entry-level positions.

    Your course will prepare you for interviews. Recruiters prefer good results. They will also look at other qualities. Some of these are confidence, general attitude, and enthusiasm.

    Students who are serious about hotel management as a career make good impressions. They have a good chance of being hired.

    You can also attend direct recruitment drives after your course. These are usually conducted for students who are ready to join immediately. But the competition is higher. Students from other colleges will also attend these drives.

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