Lily of the valley is also a good choice for holding flowers

  • The Wedding Dresses is so ample that it lives in the flies of Melbourne’s Her Majesty’s Theatre, hoiked up like the apparition of weddings past, looming over the backstage area, accessible to put the frighteners on any biting groom.

    It is one of 1200 apparel featured in the musical, which is acclimatized from the 1994 blur Muriel's Marriage that affronted Toni Collette and hapless Muriel Heslop from Porpoise Spit into civic treasures overnight Feeltimes. But it’s the organisation and aliment of those apparel - aggregate from bras and bikinis to agleam apparel and sequinned ABBA onesies - that’s the absolute showbiz miracle, a admixture of backstage abracadabra and apparatus that never stops.