Get your Best Productivity Add-ins for Microsoft Word

  • Microsoft Word is the most utilized word processing program across the globe when it comes to creating dynamic official documents. Microsoft Word is generally used by enormous corporate offices, organizations, and academics, as an integral part of the online productivity application. We, all use Microsoft Word everyday to create proficient looking documents for different purposes like newspapers, resumes, business cards, eBooks etc.

    Such powerful tool is based on an electronic spreadsheet that allows you to use different logical formulas and mathematical equations to make some best quality official documents which you can save, print and publish. Though Microsoft word is already loaded with many features and still you can find an option to ad custom features to the Word program by making the use of supplement program like add-in.

    The supplement program add-ins are very much helpful which boost your Microsoft Word program to the next level helping you to personalize documents and speeding up the accessibility. In this post, we talk about some of the best Microsoft World add-ins to boost productivity and efficiency.


    Microsoft add-ins productivity


    DocuSign for Word

    DocuSign for Word expands your extent of productivity by empowering you to safely sign documents yourself or send documents to another person for eSignature without leaving Microsoft Word. Furthermore, you can likewise utilize its drag and drop functionality which lets you drag and drop the tags where recipients need to sign or add your own signature. DocuSign for Word is completely secured that meets eSignature legal standards and guarantees that your signatures are kept secured in the Digital Transaction Management. It likewise gives the uses benefit of using DocuSign for documents anytime, anywhere in a few seconds. When the document is prepared, you can send the signed documents via email or automatically save them in DocuSign. Moreover, you can likewise set up your own one of a kind association to save documents to a central location for speedy access utilizing this add-in.



    Picket is a Word add-in that offers high-quality clipart, layout design ideas, and unlimited images for creating eye-catching documents. This is an absolute necessity have include for every one of the individuals who need to utilize Microsoft Word for making templates, brochures, newsletters, professional looking presentations, and so forth. Picket proposes some shocking formats and design ideas to your Word documents that assistance to make some astonishing documents in almost no time. It contains a huge collection of stock pictures, illustrations, and vectors that are licensed and assures complete safety.



    The Translator is the most valuable add-in that gives you a chance to translate words and sentences in a document inside Microsoft Word itself. You have to battle switching among different tabs to pick the words and translate it on Google translate in a different tab. With the end goal to translate sentences in a document simply highlight the sentences or a word, or you can directly enter the text in the add-in window.



    QR4Office is a helpful aad-in tool that creates QR code images within the document. It encodes the data like URL, texts from a file, contact details or location into a QR code that prepares for simplicity of sharing capacities. QR4Office is totally secured that makes utilization of SSL secure connection to protect the content privacy. QR4Office clients can customize the background, size, and color of the QR code images and also have the ability to set the QR error correction percentage.


    Resume CV Template Builder

    Resume CV Template Builder by Rezemo is a free add-in that gives you a chance to make professional looking resumes in couple of minutes for all the job searcher out there. Clients can break down the set of job description and help with the list of keywords you should be using in a resume. For this, you should simply enter the business points of interest. The resume developer enables you to sign-in to LinkedIn and imports LinkedIn profile alongside the entirety of your data.


    Consistency Checker

    Consistency Checker is a valuable add-in for keeping up consistency in long documents. The substance uniformity and deliberateness assume a vital job in creating a professional and well-written document. Consistency Checker doesn't check punctuation or grammar, it checks for inconsistencies in the document. It scans for conceivable error in hyphenation, spellings, and abbreviations. It likewise checks for the utilization of numbers in sentences and other common typos.

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