Vietnam Visa on Arrival

  • Located in Tan Ha, Thanh Chuong district, Nghe An province Vietnam, Bach ma temple is considered the holiest shrine of the land of Technology. Bach ma temple was built to commemorate general Phan Da, a general young, talented, has great contribution of king Le Loi in the 15th century. In the battle of Phan Da always go along with the white horse his name is Thien Ly Code. Even when he died, people still believe that the indomitable spirit, resilient along his patriotism still help all the people alive who could win it all. If you have time, then come here on October 9-10/2 lunar calendar to attend the ceremonial majesty of this place. To apply for Vietnam visa and come here to visit, travelers can apply through a local travel company like TUN.
    In history, the Chaem is an ancient civilization which has large influence in the southeast Asian region, particularly Vietnam, the Cham ruled Vietnam for 10 centuries, so architecture, and their art has spread throughout the country become an indispensable thing in Vietnamese culture. Po Nagar towers is often called the Tower, was erected in the year 781 bc, belonging to the medieval Khauthara, a small country, modern, near Nha Trang. Current Po Nagar is located on a mountain called Cu Lao, in downtown Nha Trang next to The cai river. The Cham people built this place with gratitude to honor the goddess taught them farming and weaving, for them what to eat, what to wear.
    Source: Du Lich